About Internship

The Internship program provides young and energetic lot of youth with an amazing prospect to advance themselves personally and professionally. Internships are an exceptional way to spread over the knowledge from the classroom to real world experience. Through our online and offline approach, our internees can gain hands-on experience, and build skills that are practical in the workplace, and support your future career goals.

How to Apply
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CCSOL provides the internship to the young enthusiastic people to ready yourself for the market before leavning their universities. Having an internship gives you experience in the career field you want to pursue.

What you get by taking part in internship program:

  1. It’s a Learning curve,
  2. Gain practical work experience,
  3. Adds value to your CV
  4. Find out your interest and skills
  5. Promotes personal and professional development
  6. Develop Soft Skills
  7. Grow your Network
  8. Build confidence
  9. Explore your career path
  10. Transition to a Full-time position

How to Apply

CCSOL provides the vide range of internship programs:

  1. Web Development – Covers the end to end site building using WordPress.
  2. Project Management – Covers the waterfall and agile project management.
  3. Graphics



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