Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing

Price & Packages “Lowest Rates in Pakistan”

30 Days Bundle
SMS CountRateValidity
10000-499990.6830 days
50000-999990.6630 days
100000-1999990.6430 days
200000-2999990.6230 days
300000-3999990.630 days
400000-4999990.5830 days
500000-500000000.5630 days

90 Days Bundle
SMS CountRateValidity
10000-499990.690 days
50000-999990.5890 days
100000-1999990.5690 days
200000-2999990.5490 days
300000-3999990.5290 days
400000-4999990.590 days
500000-7499990.4890 days
750000-9999990.4690 days
1000000-500000000.4490 days

180 Days Bundle
SMS CountRateValidity
10000-499990.72180 days
50000-999990.7180 days
100000-1999990.68180 days
200000-2999990.66180 days
300000-3999990.64180 days
400000-4999990.62180 days
500000-7499990.6180 days
750000-9999990.58180 days
1000000-12499990.56180 days
1250000-500000000.54180 days

Get your brand/institute/business name with Mask of your own choose with up to 11 words from CCSOL.

What does MASK Mean?

A message with the name of your own business brand.

It can be sent to Unlimited contacts.

For Example:

1-Online web-login.
2-No need for any mobile/device. (Mobile App "Android Only")

For Example:



Admin Panel Features:

Send bulk SMS broadcasts (up to 1000-1200 in a min) and view report real time

Easy to use user interface
Reduce learning curve by using its familiar Email client type look and feel

Easy Functionality
Create, edit, send, and delete SMS messages

Scheduled SMS
Send SMS on scheduled date and time

SMS text limit
Send messages up to 160 characters, however, our system supports long sms i.e, upto 300 characters.

Address Book
Convenient online address book to store mobile numbers

Password Protected Web Access
Password protected Web access for anywhere convenience

Branding “CCSOL”
Use “Sender Branding” to display sender of message as any alphanumeric brand or number of choice (up to 11 Characters)

Mobile Number Portability
There is no issue if any customer changes his network, he will receive a sms.

Terms & Conditions Applies.

If you are looking to have Bulk SMS Marketing for your Business we are just one call away!

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